This program is for the next generation of bookkeepers ready to ditch the traditional path and replace it with a high-level, comprehensive program that teaches you the ACTUAL skills needed [without any fluff] to start your own thriving, bookkeeping business and create the life of your dreams. 

ready for your life to change?

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You’re ready to break free of your traditional 9-5, spend more time with friends & family, prioritize your health & mindset & have less stress.

You've  dreamt of having the ability to make uncapped income, working with dream clients & making a positive difference in their business & life.

You want to create a lifestyle that allows you to have financial freedom & location independence, all while being your own boss. 



It's time to start planning your work around life rather than the other way around.


You’re tech savvy, you’ve tried other side hustles in the past but you know that with the right training you would be able to begin a thriving online bookkeeping business.


"The VBA is exactly what the bookkeeping world needed! Informative, up-to-date and easy to follow. Whether you want to become a bookkeeper or just want to fine tune your skills to improve your own business this course is for you."

- Amanda

guess what

I still remember logging off a team meeting last year and just sitting there staring at my computer screen thinking "this can't be it?". 

I dreamt of being able to choose when I worked, where I worked and most importantly choosing who I worked with. But instead, I had a boss dictating how I could or could not live my life. ⁠

⁠Running my own business was a dream of mine, but I had no clue where to start and I was scared of failing.  But one day after being denied time off, I hit a wall and decided it was time to stop building someone else's business, so I quit and went all in on my own.

I was in your exact spot last year.

I was determined, worked hard and in just under a year was able to grow my bookkeeping biz to $10k months, hired my first two employees, and hit over $100k in revenue. 

Not only that but I grew this business around my life and on my own terms.

And you can too. 

does this sound like you?

You’re craving the days where you can wake up, have a slow, easy morning and you can start work whenever you want

You get excited at the thought of being able to choose who you work with

You want a job that provides consistent clients and recurring income so you don’t feel like you’re starting each month in a panic searching to sign on new clients

You picture yourself traveling the world while working or having more time at home with your kids

You’ve tried other side hustles in the past but want to invest in one that you know will provide the outcome that you’re looking for and you’re ready to do the work to make that happen 

You already have a business & are looking to expand your income & services⁠

Or maybe you love your full-time job but are looking for a way to make a little extra money on the side

I'm ready to go!


The virtual bookkeeper's academy

VBA breaks down the what, when, why and how surrounding bookkeeping tasks in order for you to serve your clients and feel confident in your bookkeeping skills and abilities.

When you join the Virtual Bookkeeper’s Academy you’re choosing more than just learning the ins/outs of bookkeeping. 

The life you’re
picturing is possible.

let's get started!

With the right skills, guidance and support - along with a little bit of hard work, dedication and determination - I know that’s within your reach.

You’re choosing to prioritize what you want and how you’re going to start building that life you’ve always dreamed of having. 

I've been able to build a six figure bookkeeping business online within eight months and I know if I can do it, you can do it too and I’m ready to show you the way.

let's break it down

Here's What You'll Learn

  1. Fundamentals of Accounting
  2. Building Blocks of Bookkeeping
  3. Chart of Accounts
  4. GST/HST [CAD]
  5. The ins/outs of Quickbooks Online 
  6. Reviews & Financial Reports
  7. The Basics of Payroll
  8. Other Bookkeeping Topics
  9. Year End & Working with Accountants
  10. Practice Mock Clients of all levels
  11. Next Steps: Starting Your Biz 

VBA has a unique framework that focuses on not only teaching the what, when and how for bookkeeping tasks you need to know, but also focuses on the why

By focusing on the why you’re going to have a deeper understanding of what’s happening behind the scenes which will make it easier for you to troubleshoot or adjust and will help you provide a better overall service to your future clients.

*Note that starred modules are for CAD students only

The Details

Unlimited Access

Work at your own pace

Watch, read and re-watch the lessons as many times as you need in order to feel confident in your bookkeeping skills

Complete the modules and lessons on your own schedule and don’t worry about being online at a specific time.

6 months of access to our private Slack community ✨  

Use the Slack channel as a place to ask questions and get additional support while going through the program.


Bonus live Q&A calls and office hours!



"My bookkeeping business has kind of exploded in the last few months and while I am very comfortable with accounting concepts, having the modules to refer to for specific cases has been key. I feel so much more confident and like I have my own “how-to” guide to go back to if something out of my comfort zone comes up. so far I've signed $45k of revenue for 2023 in the first 2 months of business"

"Stacie is an amazing coach, the community is so sweet, the mix of resources in the course are so perfect yet so nice and simply displayed, easy to follow and feel confident."

"There is a lot of information online but courses like yours are more valuable since it is coming from an experienced professional. I like that you are a bookkeeper who created a course to help other aspiring bookkeepers. That means you genuinely want others to achieve their career goals like you did."

multiple students signing their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd

"This is a high quality course that focuses on the information you actually need to build as a bookkeeper. I started it with zero experience and now after going through the full course I feel like I have have the skills and confidence to start working with clients"

"I already have a virtual assistant business and wanted to add bookkeeping as a service. I thought it could help bring on more clients, but what happened was I was able to sign 4 existing clients to bookkeeping packages, increasing my recurring revenue by $1,100/month!"

How does
this sound?

By joining the program RIGHT before tax season (which starts in Feb) you'll have the perfect amount of time to learn, implement and fine tune your skills and start bringing on clients & making sustainable, consistent, income right away!

By working for yourself, you have the flexibility of not only choosing when you work, but also how much you work. You have the power to choose how many clients you have which means you could replace your 9-5, do it part-time or enough work to supplement your other income.

Once you’ve completed this program you’ll be walking away with all the practical skills and knowledge needed to feel confident in offering bookkeeping as a service, or starting your own bookkeeping business. 




I want in!

the creator

Hi I'm Stacie, creator of the Virtual Bookkeeper’s Academy and owner of Enroute Accounting Inc.

With over 10 years of experience in the bookkeeping industry, my mission is to encourage and empower others to join me in the bookkeeping world and start living life on their own terms.

Growing up I always thought that you needed to go the traditional route, degree, CPA program, work your way up the corporate ladder, but after following that route for too many years I was left feeling unhappy and unaligned with who I was and what I was doing with my life.⁠

After going through the process of leaving my job, starting my own bookkeeping business and scaling it to 6 figures, I knew I wanted to share this opportunity that changed my life with others and made it my mission to provide an accessible way to jump into the bookkeeping world and I'm inviting you to do just that.

"If you've ever wanted to become a bookkeeper, or offer bookkeeping as a service, then you need this course!! Stacie goes into so much detail on each lesson and gives you all the tools needed to get started!"

- Sarah

"The VBA is a game changer! This course covers EVERYTHING! Being able to offer bookkeeping services 100% online will change my life forever."

- Alicia

"If you've ever thought about pursuing bookkeeping but wanted a more up-to-date, modern approach, this is it! The Quickbooks module alone is worth the cost of this program!" 

- Lacey