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We take your monthly bookkeeping one step further, combining both bookkeeping and business strategy, and using that information to increase your profits, grow your business and make informed business decisions. 


We take your monthly bookkeeping one step further, combining both bookkeeping and business strategy, and using that information to increase your profits, grow your business and make informed business decisions. 


You wake up to another busy work day but instead of feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious when finances or strategy comes to mind, you feel calm and dare I say...excited?

You grab your favorite coffee and sit down at your computer. With a few easy clicks you're logged in and able to see exactly how well your business is doing so far this year.

Best of all, you know how to use this information to check on the progress of your monthly goals, check your budget and expand your business all without barely having to lift a finger.

Sounds pretty good right?

Picture this...


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As a small business owner you have to wear a variety of hats, and when you feel like you have no more time to give, bookkeeping is usually one of the first to get pushed aside.

I started Enroute with busy small business owners like you, in mind. Over and over again I kept seeing a gap in the industry where small business owners weren't getting the proper service or dedication they needed, and they weren't being shown how to read or use their financials in a way that would help grow their business.  

My goal is to help make bookkeeping and business strategy easy and automated. I want to help show you why both these aspects are so important to your business and how to properly use them as insightful tools to increase your profits and gain valuable insight into your business.

Stacie has helped me transform my business. Not only does she take the stress and overwhelm out of bookkeeping and finances so I can sleep at night, but she genuinely cares about her clients. She helps you understand the numbers and patterns on your financial statements, and guides you in making smart financial decisions that will help you grow and scale your business.  Not to mention, she’s incredibly kind and approachable. What she offers is essential and is an investment that will repay you over and over.

Carly dame - Photographer & photography coach

Kind Words

"Stacie helped me when my books were in complete disarray. She understood this was not my wheelhouse and would send check lists and to-do's after our zoom calls which felt really accessible and helpful. I have a better idea of what's working and what's not working within the business now and went from feeling overwhelmed to feeling excited to file taxes (who would have thought!). I never thought I'd get caught up and feel excited about my books."

Erin Levine
Certified natural practitioner

Kind Words

"Stacie is awesome!!! She has been with me from the very start of my business and I am incredibly grateful to have a bookkeeper who is professional and genuinely cares about your business. Stacie is approachable, committed, and trustworthy. She understands both my vision and business and wants to see me succeed and it shows through her dedication and time spent working on the financial aspects of my business. Stacie helps showcase several aspects of my business using different financial reports that are easy to read and help me better understand my business. You will not regret choosing Stacie at Enroute Accounting!"

Amy ORlando
Revelstoke Sugar Shack & The Loft

Kind Words

"Stacie is incredibly efficient, well organized and great at communicating. She is very professional and takes time to assist you and your business to navigate any book keeping questions or tech issues you may experience. Stacie makes small business bookkeeping less daunting and more approachable so you can focus on other important aspects of your business." 

Ashley moore
black dog & company

Kind Words

"Stacie at Enroute hasn’t just helped get our books in order, she’s taken a huge weight off our shoulders by providing us with the tools to help streamline our accounting. Her communication has been excellent and her intelligent approach to problem solving has saved our business money. We absolutely recommend her!

Louisa Gilbert
wild bus films

Kind Words

"When Stacie took over my bookkeeping a weight was instantly lifted from my shoulders. She spent time going through my business with me and helped me to understand how best to organize my expenses and to be more efficient in my administration. Instead of my books being a horrible gnawing in the pit of my stomach I know that all my expenses are properly coded and am not stressed about year end. Worth every penny!"

Emma hull
life untethered - intuitive coaching

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